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Getting an account#

In order to use the SCITAS facilities, you need to create a user account, which exist in four main types:

  • Free account: individual account that is free of charge, but limited. Mainly used to test the systems before committing to another account type.
  • Pay-per-use account: main type of user account. They are group accounts linked to a lab or a project. This is a pay-as-you-go account, i.e. you will be charged for the actual use of the clusters.
  • Student account: every Bachelor or Master student can request an individual account for their projects. An equivalent of 4'000 CHF of numerical resources is offered free of charge.
  • Account for courses: free of charge account for courses and workshop.

In general, whichever the type of account you create, you will have access to all the machines in production.

Except for the free and student accounts, which are individual, one or more group administrators will be defined and they will be able to add/remove users to/from their account.

Last update: April 26, 2023